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Wide, quiet beaches.
Glorious sunsets.
A calming lake to soothe your soul...

We all know we love the West. We love the smell of fresh sea air. It calls us home when we leave the city and is our trigger to begin to unwind. We love the sense of peace from the beautiful lake in the morning and the golden sunsets it reflects at dusk.

We love the space. We can walk, run, swim and ride and we can be equally content to sit and watch the passers-by over a coffee and newspaper, with a tired, happy dog at our feet.

We love a lake that’s alive with activity one minute and quiet and contemplative the next. There are fish to catch and kites to fly.

Bright and blue, our ‘big skies’ can be perfect for cloud-watching by day or star-gazing at night.

WEST is a place of inspiration; a place to feel privileged; a place to feel passionate about.

Come. Look again. Love again.