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WEST Vision

An inspired vision.

When West Lakes was first developed, it was crowned ‘the best Real Estate project in the world’ (French based International Real Estate Federation). 30 years later we have the opportunity to add a new layer of innovation and quality to those things that make West Lakes special.

We have begun to deliver approximately 1600 new homes, including architecturally designed bespoke houses, terrace homes and apartments, specifically designed to take advantage of this special part of coastal Adelaide. Some of South Australia’s most prestigious builders are involved in creating something truly enviable.

In addition, we’re creating ample green space and leisure facilities that include cafes to meet friends for coffee or indulgent boutique and specialty shops, adding a cosmopolitan flavour to the heart of iconic West Lakes. Already connections with the lake are being created and water is becoming a feature within the development.

Discover West Lakes and the enviable coastal life it provides. You will have choices that have not been available before.