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Charles Street

On some not so distant morning at WEST, a familiar aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air. The blooms of the nearby florist fills the street with colour. And soon enough, families gather for lunch, sharing old stories and freshly made pasta.

In both function and locality, it will serve as our community’s heart, evoking the piazzas of Mediterranean villages, or the Main Street of a small quaint town. Charles Street will bring WEST’s budding community together to enjoy restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and social and medical services in an artfully integrated atmosphere. And all just a short walk from home!

A unique vision which combines the best of old world and new, and a veritable dream team of designers and builders, Charles Street further confirms WEST as a community that people will want to come home to – where they won’t feel like they have to go somewhere else to enjoy a great lifestyle and amenities.

Its completion in the next few years will bring WEST to new heights, as not only a wonderful place to live and play, but also to shop, work, and dine. Construction is scheduled to begin soon after the upcoming removal of Football Park stadium.