5 Tips for Downsizing

Downsize in Comfort at WEST!

5 Tips for Downsizing

Downsizing and decluttering is a process and a journey. Initially, it may feel daunting to face the challenge of fitting all your belongings into a smaller footprint. However, planning ahead can shrink your stress and make the process exciting and liberating. After all, apartment living is cost-effective, requires little or no maintenance and will allow you to feel less cluttered. Here are some tips to alleviate your stress about making the move!

TIP #1 – Create a plan

An appropriate first step is to plan ahead, as downsizing can trigger a lot of emotion, stress and conflicts, especially when there is family involved. Writing a list of the things you can live without, along with all of the things you love is a good first step. Only make Yes or No piles – no Maybes! Decluttering is an eye opening and life affirming process. It opens your eyes to what your true priorities are and what is insignificant after all.

TIP #2 – Sell, give away and donate what you can

Once you have realised what you’re willing to live without, what do you do with what's left? In the words of Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese organisational consultant, hold the item and if it sparks joy, keep it! If not, sell, give away or donate to local charities.

Garage sales are an efficient and fun way to get rid of things. Gumtree, eBay and the Facebook Marketplace are excellent websites to use if you’re looking to sell quickly too.

TIP #3 – Enjoy the freedom that comes with having more time

When your home is decluttered, it’s easier to keep clean and stay tidy. That can help you feel more comfortable hosting last-minute friends or family over. Not having a large home means less maintenance (cleaning/gardening) and having more spare time to spend with family, along with healthier lifestyle choices. Enjoy going to coffees and lunches with your friends, shopping, spending time with your grandkids and being active and exercising (i.e. golf and gym). It’s time to enjoy life.

TIP #4 – Start enjoying life in your new surroundings

Your new vibrant life is on your doorstep at WEST. You're minutes from some of Adelaide's most beautiful beaches. From Grange to Tennyson to Semaphore. The perfect place to watch the sunset or drop a line from one of the many jetties. You will be right next to West Lakes Shopping Centre, with a wide array of lovely restaurants and cafes within walking distance, in and around the area. Not to mention, you will be living in the same area as other like-minded people who have also made the move to downsize.

TIP #5 – Convince your friends to downsize and move to the WEST!

At WEST, there is a community of like-minded individuals, so why not tell your friends about it? WEST’s diverse range of luxurious apartments are abundant in natural light, storage and style. You can enjoy experiencing a holiday lifestyle all year round. You will have peace of mind when you travel (lock-up and leave without worrying about security). There is an abundance of cafes and restaurants open to all residents. The various parks and reserves throughout and surrounding WEST are convenient and beautifully maintained. Downsizing doesn’t need to be a scary venture at all. In fact, it sounds like an absolute adventure!

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